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4+FAN aka how often can you see NEWS


Keiichan: Idol who will naturally come to fans
Massu: Idol whom fans can meet once in a while if they go to Harajuku
Tego: Idol whom fans can meet if they are very lucky
Shige: Idol who due to almost nonexisting eye-witness reports must confirm that he still exists

Another thingy from JP Twitter (lol).

Pfft! Yang ini lebih jahat XD

How other people see NEWS


Koyama Keiichiro→ That guy who appears in afternoon news programme

Tegoshi Yuya→ That guy from ItteQ

Masuda Takahisa→ That guy from TegoMass who is not Tegoshi

Kato Shigeaki → Who is this (lol)

Oh, it might be like this indeed (lol).

Found this and translated from JP Twitter.


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